killers in mascara

The New Romantic Murder Mysteries is a new series of novels from Huw Collingbourne. The first book in the series, Killers In Mascara, is available as an eBook for Amazon Kindle.

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New Year’s Eve, London, 1979. In the exclusive Spivz nightclub the city’s trendiest trend-setters prepare to drink and dance their way into the new decade, unaware that a killer is in their midst. When the dead body of a young man is discovered, there is no motive and far too many suspects. But there is one deadly clue – a bottle of mascara. The hunt is on: “Find the mascara and you find the murderer!” Killers in Mascara leads the reader on an extraordinary journey into a decadent and glittering subculture where even killers do it with style!

Killers In Mascara is about 72,000 words, approximately 275 pages. Illustrated with plans of the murder scene. DRM-free.

Huw Collingbourne was a music journalist in the 1980s. He interviewed stars ranging from Boy George and Duran Duran to Spandau Ballet and Depeche Mode. A professional writer, he has worked as a columnist, magazine editor and TV presenter. In the 1990s he published the ‘adult humour’ magazine, 18 Rated, which was immediately banned by all leading UK newsagents (who obviously failed to see the joke). Killers In Mascara is the first in a series of ‘New Romantic Murder Mysteries’ which brings to life the dazzling music and clubbing scene of London in the early ’80s.


Killers In Mascara includes a map of Spivz night club, the scene of the crime. If you would like a larger scale map to print out, you can download one from this site.

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